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Taking a sight with a sextantWinAstro Software

WinAstro takes the tedium of sight reducion calculations out of astro navigation (also known as celestial navigation). You can use WinAstro to plan your sight, then take your fix with your sextant, and in seconds have a Line of Position (LOP) calculated, without the need for any almanacs or tables.

WinAstro lets you enjoy the satrisfaction of astro navigation without the need to buy annual sight reduction tables or to get bogged down in tedious arithmetic. You do the skilled part of using the sextant, and the computer carries out all the celestial navigation calculations for you.


Why Astro Navigation?

Cassens-Plath Horizon Ultra SextantIn these days of GPS, you may ask yourself why would anyone still want to use a sextant. There are two reasons. First, GPS is not 100% reliable. From time to time there are system failures (normally due to a satellite failing or transmitting incorrect data), or there may be problems with your system on board - the antenna or unit could fail, or be subject to problems such as electrical interference. In these situations it is good to have a fall-back navigation system that you can use, and the benefit of a sextant is that it is totally independent of any other system.

Secondly, it is enjoyable. There is a great satisfaction to be had by using the sextant to take a signt on the sun, moon, a planet or a star, and then using this to calculate your position.

Practice Sextants

For those wanting to try out astro navigation without the expense of investing in a sextant, we offer training sextants made of robust card, that are surprisingly accurate and very affordable.

We don't offer "real" sextants any more, as to be honest it was more effort than it was worth, but we do give impartial descriptions of the sextants that are available, which I hope you will find useful.


Driver's Licenses in Maryland - Registration, Renewal and Insurance Quotes

Driver's Licenses in MarylandGetting a driver's licenses in the state of Maryland is a relatively straightforward process, but here are the key steps so that you can prepare.


If the expiration date of your driver's license is approaching, you will be notified prior to the expiration date that you must seek renewal. You will receive this letter by mail or e-mail depending on the circumstance of your license. Instructions will be included specific to your case.

Alteration of License or Permit

If you wish to change information on your driver's license and/or permit, such as surname, bring your license and an official document that validates the change of information in question. Any authorized Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) will accommodate the requested changes. Documents such as a marriage or divorce certificate will be accepted.

Stolen or Lost License or Permit

If you believe your license has been stolen then you must visit an MVA in person to request a duplicate license. Bring recognized documents that validate your identity. Things that include your full name, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates or Social Security cards are valid.

Out-of-State License Exchange

If you have recently moved to Maryland from a different state then you will have to apply for a license exchange. Visit your local MVA and bring your current driver's license and make the request. You have 60 days for noncommercial licenses and only 30 days for commercial ones to make the exchange. You will be expected to pay the current fees as well as provide documents that validate your age, proof of birth and identity. You may be asked to relinquish your current out-of-state license in the event that you do not obtain a Maryland state license.

Car Insurance Quotes

In addition to maintaining proper driver's license etiquette, it is equally as important to make sure you are well covered by proper car insurance. If you are currently seeking car insurance in the city of Baltimore or anywhere else in the state of Maryland then you should visit your local motor vehicle insurance companies to obtain car insurance quotes. Baltimore in particular has many to choose from, so choose wisely.