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GPS jamming by Lightsquared - Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lightsquared, who are developing a wireless data network, have been granted permission to use frequencies that are used by GPS, even though t is proven that thios will stop GPS receivers from operating near their transmitters. Luckily, sextants are not affected!

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WinAstro reviewed by PBO - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Practical Boat Owner has reviewed WinAstro and given it a very good *** rating. You can read the review here on the web site.

Mike Richey passed away - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mike Richey, expert on astro navigation and famous for his single-handed races across the Atlantic in the 26 foot junk rigged boat "Jester", passed away on 26th December at the age of 92. He was also one of the founders of the Royal Institute of Navigation, and served an apprenticeship with the sculptor and typrographer Eric Gill.
Read his obituary here.

WinAstro reviewed by Sejl magazine - Friday, July 30, 2010

The Norwegian magazine Seil has reviewed WinAstro. The report, written by Terje Bølstad, is available for reading on Seil's web site - he has been an enthusiastic user of WinAstro for many years..

WinAstro now with Planetarium Software - Friday, July 30, 2010

WinAstro is now supplied with a separate planetarium program, Stellarium, that lets you see the sky at night from your location, and identify the stars, planets and constellations. This helps you identify the body you want to take a sight on, and more generally to identify all the objects in the sky - a great way to make those night watches more interesting!

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Freiberger Sextants

Freiberger sextantsFreiberger are a long established German manufacturer of sextants and optical survey equipment, with all the well known attributes of German engineering. As well as supplying the sextants, they also have an excellent after sales service, offering spare parts, repairs and servicing, so you can be assured of a long life for your sextant.

Freiberger Drum Sextant

Freiberger Drum Sextant

This is a high quality full size aluminium sextant, manufactured to the highest standard to produce a high precision instrument. Accuracy of the instrument is ±20" of arc. It has a comfortable weight, is well balanced, and the wooden handle is comfortable. The clamping device and micrometer drum are fully enclosed for protection against dirt and sea spray.

The sextant has generously sized index and horizon mirrors, silvered on the front face for maximum accuracy. There are 4 shades for the index mirror, and 3 for the horizon mirror, to protect your eye when taking a sun sight. The sight scope is 4x40 with excellent optics, and a protective rubber eyepiece. The sextant comes in a wooden box, with an adjustment key, test certificate, and manuals for operation and adjustment.

Arm radius 170 mm Dimensions 26 x 24 x 13cm
Scale -5° to 125° Weight 1.4 kg
Micrometer vernier resolution 0.1' Box dimensions 34 x 32 x 17cm
Scope 4x40 Box weight 4.5 kg
Index mirror 57 x 42 mm
Horizon mirror 57 mm ø

 The sextant is available with either the traditional split horizon, or a full horizon.


Freiberger Yacht Sextant

Freiberger Yacht Sextant

This sextant is made tot he same high standards as the Drum sextant, but is smaller (7/8 size) and significantly lighter - the lightest metal sextant we know of on the market. This makes it ideal for those who find a lighter sextant easier to use, but who don't want the compromise in accuracy of using a plastic sextant. Although the smaller size sacrifices some accuracy, it is still accurate to ±40" of arc.

It has 3 index and 2 horizon mirror shades. The 2.5x magnification sight is ideal for keeping stars in view when the boat is bouncing around, as it has a wider field of view than higher magnifications. A nice touch is that the rubber eyepiece does not rotate when focussing the sextant, which many will find an advantage. The sextant uses the traditional split view horizon. The sextant comes in a wooden box, with an adjustment key, test certificate, and manuals for operation and adjustment.

Arm radius 142mm Dimensions  24x21x11 cm
Scale -3° to 123° Weight 0.86 kg
Micrometer gradation 1' Box dimensions  27x24x15 cm
Scope 2.4x25 Box weight 2.6 kg
Index mirror 57 x 29 mm
Horizon mirror 57 x 29 mm